How to stop your dog from barking

There are various things we like about our pets. They are lovely, loyal and they provide contentment to us. Their presence removes negativity from us and often they make us smile. Personally I love pets especially dogs, but the one thing I hate about dogs is their ill-timed bark. They bark really loud and it harms our ear drums, there is no specific time of their barking, they can bark in early morning, while you’re working or you’re sleeping. There are many ways by which you can reduce their barking habit. Here this is what we are going to discuss.

Picture of dog sitting in a washing machine

When you’re training your dog to deal with be quiet on command famous dog training, you should never elevate your voice, speak in an unenthusiastic tone or strike him. This way won’t teach him to be quiet but it will teach him to be afraid of you. When your dog doesn’t act as you want him to, take a break for a few moments before continuing to practice training techniques. Some experts say that speaking loudly actually encourages dogs to bark – they think your loud voice is his license to bark loudly. If the initiation of barking is a delivery truck or a postal worker try to anticipate when the delivery is coming and give your dog treats right before it start barking. Make your dog extremely busy when it is going to bark at someone. This will give your dog a message that trigger for barking is actually a trigger for treats, and trust me the dog will start looking for treats when he see the trigger around, instead of barking.

Teach him some good commands like sit down, sleep, be quiet etc. which will make him busy. Take him to a park for walk, play with him. Increase his physical activities, so that his extra energy will be burned. Due to high physical exercise he won’t bark at night, and will spend his night in sleeping.

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